When most business owners and leaders start looking at LinkedIn marketing in a serious way, it’s only natural to ask questions like “Where do I start?”, “Which strategy is best for me and my business?” and “Will LinkedIn really deliver results for me?”

These are natural reactions which we welcome, because it shows focus and serious intent. After all, why get on LinkedIn if it won’t help you grow your business?

We started in the same place ourselves many years ago. We saw that LinkedIn could be a great platform, but we also knew that without a solid strategy and consistent process, that promise of actual results was going to be extremely elusive, if not impossible to achieve.

So based on our own intensive work, we developed and refined our own BEEP Method. Over the years, this approach has delivered outstanding results for us and our clients around the world - across a wide variety of industries - from small companies to multi-million dollar enterprises. The BEEP Method comprises these four stages:





Phase 1: B is for “Build Your Network”

In this initial phase, the objective is to grow your LinkedIn network to enough connections so that you have established solid critical mass. This is essential in order for your ongoing LinkedIn marketing efforts to provide meaningful and hence profitable results.

This phase need not take long if you leverage intelligent technology in the shape of LinkedIn marketing tools. These ensure that your efforts are targeted, efficient and effective.

One key aspect to focus on is how these tools enable you to take advantage of behavior-responsive connection and messaging features that ensure your connections get an early sense that you will be having a direct and relevant conversation with them.

Phase 2: E is for “Engage”

In this second phase, you want to engage your growing LinkedIn network in relevant conversations, based on interacting with their goals, desires and interests.

The key to success on LinkedIn is in building trusted, valued relationships. These evolve from genuine conversations that build that vital “know, like and trust” factor naturally.

So what you want to do in this is nurture your leads and build relationships with your audience in a way that’s extremely personalized yet easy to achieve. (The appropriate LinkedIn marketing tools can be a huge help here to do this well.)

Phase 3: E is for “Educate”

At this point, you want to provide significant, relevant value to your LinkedIn network via content that helps your ideal prospects to solve their most pressing problems (in your specific area of expertise).

The way you do this is by sharing custom or curated content that provides this value to your ideal audience. Doing so has a dramatic impact on building credibility and trust for you and your business. You become known as a genuine thought leader in your field.

As a result, the path to warm leads and increasing sales becomes much more frequent, natural and efficient. And happily, this happens without any off-putting “hard sell” tactics.

Phase 4: P is for “Promote”

In this phase, you will be able to let your LinkedIn network connections know about events (e.g. online webinars and offline meet-ups), friendly updates and other items of interest to them, based on shared business goals.

As with the previous phases, the objective here is to cultivate trust and add value in your network relationships. The good news is, you’ll be speaking to a warm audience where you have built up a bank of value, plus that all-important “know, like and trust” factor.

And once again, you’ll want to leverage your efforts via appropriate LinkedIn marketing tools. This will keep this aspect of your LinkedIn marketing targeted, efficient and effective.

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