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Once you have an attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile image in place, you need to tell your visitors how you can help them - in a compelling way that gets their attention and establishes you as a LinkedIn thought leader - without going into a blatant hard sell.

After working with thousands of business owners around the world over many years, we have found that writing a strong, effective LinkedIn profile summary is a hurdle for most. And yet, it’s a critical component of successful LinkedIn marketing.

Unfortunately, far too many profile summaries are either:

  • Seriously boring and lacking in any real attraction
  • Blank or nearly so (yes, you’d be amazed)
  • A clumsy and blatant pitch, which is needy, a huge turn-off and not welcome

If you’ve struggled with this, you know that this is the sort of task you know you should do, but it’s probably sat in your “To-Do” list for ages. Or you’ve considered outsourcing it, but you know it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars for a quality result. And yet you know your LinkedIn results can only improve if you get this sorted. So let’s make it easy.

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