LinkedIn can feel like a great unknown when you first encounter it, or if you joined some time ago but not yet figured out how to make it work well for you. Where do you start, and where do you focus so that it actually helps you grow your business?

Over the years, we’ve seen every kind of LinkedIn training you can imagine: the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak. And we’ve heard from a great number of business owners, so many of whom have been led astray or otherwise ill served by their LinkedIn training.

And let’s be clear: often the training is provided by and undertaken with good intentions. The truth is, there are some less than obvious considerations that we feel need to be brought to the surface so that you can make your best well-informed choice.

Aligning With Your Strategy

Far too much LinkedIn training is really pitched as what you could call a “one size fits all” approach. But unless your business is just like everyone else’s, how can that be right? We have learned that getting clear first on your true strategic objectives is vitally important.

Then, the question is: which LinkedIn marketing strategy is best for your business? Once that’s clear, you’ll be able to focus on the options that best align with your strategic aims.

Then there is the crucial aspect of LinkedIn marketing tools. After all, unless you’re happy to do your marketing by hand (which we really strenuously counsel against), you’ll want to leverage smart, appropriate technology to get the best ROI from your efforts.

Making It Commercially Viable

Sadly, far too many marketing and technology providers - including LinkedIn training providers - get too caught up in their own love of their subject matter. As a result, they can lose sight of the practical realities of running and growing a profitable “real world” business.

The business owners we work with don’t want a PhD in LinkedIn marketing, or LinkedIn marketing tools. They just want strong results, in terms of a consistent flow of fresh leads and sales. And they want those results as simply, quickly and profitably as possible.

You’re no doubt nodding furiously in agreement. And yet, despite this being obvious, that’s not what we see out there in the wild. So it’s not surprising how many business owners get fed up with the whole online marketing thing, including LinkedIn marketing. And they’re jaded about spending more time and money on LinkedIn marketing training.

Seeing Is Believing

If the above principles and considerations make sense and resonate with you, we hear you.

That’s why we’ve put so much effort into keeping our training relevant and real world. After all, we use our own methods and tools in our own business and our clients’ businesses.

That’s why we provide a wide range of highly targeted LinkedIn training

To ensure that our clients get the very best performance and return from their LinkedIn marketing efforts. This includes our Academy online training portal, group coaching and one to one coaching. We only want that level of results for you and your business, whichever training you choose.

One highly praised “quick win” our clients and global audience really valued

Was our recent web-based training class on how to turbocharge your LinkedIn marketing via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You’re very welcome to watch the replay of this training here.

And if it’s time to discuss your LinkedIn marketing directly...

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