LinkedIn Marketing That Gets More Results For Any Serious Businesses

LinkedIn is acknowledged these days as a serious platform for growing your business. It enables you to extend your reach unlike any other business marketing platform. And yet, even with 600 million members globally, effective LinkedIn marketing remains a mystery to most business leaders who are on this platform.

As a result of helping thousands of business owners worldwide to successfully grow their businesses via LinkedIn marketing strategies and tools, we have found there are essential core principles that have worked best, year in and year out, in any industry.

These strategies are based on the LinkedIn ethos of creating a network of trusted, valued connections and nurturing relationships. The fact that LinkedIn not a non-stop “pitch-fest” enables savvy business owners to do exceptionally well on this platform. So let’s look at the core components that are working best (and have done for the past several years)...

It’s About Relationships

If there’s one thing that is essential to remember about LinkedIn, it’s this: LinkedIn (and hence LinkedIn marketing) is about relationships above all.

LinkedIn’s members have a higher average income than any other mainstream social media network, and those members are by and large senior decision makers in their business - often thought leaders in their industry.

But they aren’t on LinkedIn to be pitched at. And they value their time.

LinkedIn Is Also Serious About You Doing Business

Saying that, serious business gets transacted via LinkedIn relationships every single day. There are many companies generating millions in annual revenue who use LinkedIn marketing as their primary marketing channel.

We find that many business owners aren’t sure if LinkedIn can actually provide tangible business results for them. Rest assured, it can - and far more than most ever realize.

The key is knowing how to use it well and efficiently to grow your network, nurture relationships and grow your business consistently over time. (This can be done far more quickly and at a more serious scale than many realize.)

It’s About Leading With Value

It’s still amazing how many businesses have been lured into the trap of leading with glowing prose (at least in their minds) of how great their products and services are. That just doesn’t cut it in general these days, and it really falls flat on LinkedIn. But many still try. And fail…

Instead, the businesses that are truly thriving on LinkedIn - and growing rapidly - are using smart content-led LinkedIn marketing strategies to help their target audience solve their most pressing problems. They’re doing this by providing valued and trusted content that establishes them as thought leaders in their field, before ever mentioning their own products and services.

After all, would you rather be pitched to, or offered relevant and timely help, so that you can make your own well-informed buying decisions - when you are good and ready?

It’s About Not About Manic Posting, or Expensive Ad Campaigns

The great news is that thanks to smart LinkedIn marketing strategies, you don’t have to man your keyboard 24/7 churning out endless blog posts or risking the farm on expensive ad campaigns to grow your business.

Far too many business owners have been seriously pulled off-kilter by self-proclaimed gurus whose latest strategies require a PhD and an endless supply of pony express horse power to even attempt. Or they require an enormous amount of mind-numbing effort that it’s difficult to remember that your main focus is on running your business.

Over the years, we and our many clients around the world (in a variety of industries) have found that a simple, sustainable strategy based on the above principles delivers consistent results, especially when underpinned by great LinkedIn marketing tools.

How We Bring It All Together for Best Results

Here at Beep2B, we have distilled these principles into our BEEP Method. This is our approach to LinkedIn marketing that grows your network and business by positioning you as a thought leader. And we make the whole process much easier, faster and more effective via a range of LinkedIn marketing tools, several of which we created right here at Beep2B.

Plus, we provide a wide range of highly targeted LinkedIn training to ensure that our clients get the very best performance and return from their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

One highly praised “quick win” our clients and global audience really valued was our recent web-based training class on how to turbocharge your LinkedIn marketing via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You’re very welcome to watch the replay of this training here.

And if it’s time to discuss your LinkedIn marketing directly...

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