5 Tools You Need If You Want Serious LinkedIn Growth

April 22nd, 2022 Joaquin Hernandez

Professionals all around the globe leverage LinkedIn’s massive network. 

Over the years, the platform has grown into one of the best professional resources available. It offers a wealth of opportunities for connecting with your ideal audience and converting leads into customers. 

LinkedIn is no longer a guessing game, but standing out amongst the best can be a big challenge. 

Using the right tools is imperative for recruiting the best talent and reaching your target audience. 

Today, we’ll share information about 5 of the best tools to use today for serious growth on LinkedIn. 

Taplio Stats

Taplio Stats is a free Google Chrome extension that displays key data from the platform. It shows you your top-performing posts, which easily allows you to see what your audience is loving. 

Additionally, it displays the top-performing content from other people, so you can find out what works for your competitors or industry influencers as well. It’s easy to use, on your sidebar you’ll be able to see any user’s top posts. 

Furthermore, it provides AI-informed content recommendations based on your connections. 

Using this extension, you can easily keep track of your engagements on each post as well. View detailed engagement insights to help you plan out your next content and maximize your strategy on the platform. 

It has high ratings on the Chrome Web Store. Here are some of the top benefits that users state:

  • Makes it easy and fun to grow your audience. 
  • Helpful for analytics.
  • Easy to use.
  • Increases productivity on the platform. 
  • The great lead generation tool
  • User-friendly interface. 

LinkedIn Review 2.0

LinkedIn Review 2.0 is a “freemium” option. It’s an AI tool that assesses your profile and shares opportunities for improvement with you. It gives you key insights that can help you boost growth and maximize your outreach on the platform. 

With LinkedIn Review, you receive personalized tips for optimizing your profile. The review is free, and even includes a number of headline examples. 

Some of the top benefits this AI tool offers include:

  • Tips for ranking higher on LinkedIn. 
  • Identifies critical areas of improvement. 
  • Shares detailed explanations and examples to help you improve your profile. 
  • Compare your profile score to top profiles. 

50 Proven LinkedIn Messages to Use in 2022 eBook

50 Proven LinkedIn Messages to Use in 2022 is an eBook from LeadDelta. As the name suggests, this eBook includes messages that you can send to connection requests. You can also use them when contacting new connections, for InMails, and for engaging on a post. 

This eBook makes it easy to find ideas for what you need. It separates the messages based on different topics, occasions, etc. 

Here are a few of the top benefits this resource offers:

  • Avoid “writer’s block” 
  • Save time, by streamlining your outreach strategy
  • Get your creative juices flowing. These messages may jumpstart many other ideas for future messages you can use. 
  • Send professional, engaging messages that are more likely to garner a response. 


Inlytics is a “freemium” SaaS product. It provides in-depth LinkedIn Analytics that help you to optimize all of your content and grow your brand on the platform. 

Using this tool, you can view all of your key statistics. Easily see what content works best for your brand. 

It helps you save time on analytics and assessment by highlighting key findings. Furthermore, it provides strategic insights so you know how to best improve your content. 

You can track how your content and profile perform over time, improving it with the help of actionable recommendations. 

Some of the top benefits of Inlytics include:

  • Access to real-time analytics.
  • Speeds up data analysis time.
  • Provides unique insights other tools don’t. 
  • Learn why people engage with your content. 
  • Connect multiple LinkedIn accounts, making this a great option for your leadership team. 


The last tool you need is LinCredible from Beep2B. 

LinCredible is a done-for-you service with a convenient flat-rate monthly fee. It is a proven system that helps you quickly and effectively grow your network without taking up your precious time. 

Coaches, business owners, and professionals in all industries have built their LinkedIn networks with the help of LinCredible. 

We leverage the 4-step “BEEP” method to help you attract your target audience and nurture leads. You simply leave the heavy lifting to us and watch your LinkedIn presence take off. You’ll gain more opportunities without taking away time from your core business tasks. 

Here’s a bit more about the LinCredible platform and how it works:

  • Start by adding your LinkedIn account and selecting your ideal outreach messages for your campaign.
  • Meet with our LinkedIn experts for full onboarding and to get your campaign started.
  • We handle all of your daily activity and all you need to do is respond to the business opportunities in your inbox. 

Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Growth Today

All of the tools above are excellent resources for growing your LinkedIn presence today. Many are free or freemium, allowing you to experience their benefits right away. 

If you’ve been looking for the answer to helping your LinkedIn account take off, all of these tools can help. Check them out today to jumpstart your LI strategy. 

While the free tools provide excellent benefits, one of the most helpful tools is LinCredible. With LinCredible, you get access to an experienced team of LinkedIn experts who will take care of all of the daily ins and outs of the platform. You can simply focus on your business and watch your audience grow. With the help of LinCredible, more and more opportunities will arrive straight to your inbox. 

Learn more about LinCredible and how it can help your business thrive today. Contact us today!