How Engagement Pods Improve Your Reach On LinkedIn

April 1st, 2022 Joaquin Hernandez

9 billion post impressions are displayed to LinkedIn users every single week, proving there is an audience hungry for content. However, only 3 in every 250 active LinkedIn users are regularly sharing their content.


Because no one can see their content to share it.

You can’t engage with something when you don’t know it exists.

Getting your content seen on LinkedIn isn’t a game. It’s a battle between you and every other user of the platform. If you don’t have the best strategy, you’ll probably only get a few views when you post an article. These views might come from people you already know and will like your content regardless. Your posts can’t create any meaningful business benefit if it’s only seen by the same group of people. You need to capture a larger audience.

How can you make your content seen by more people?

LinkedIn Engagement pods can improve your reach on LinkedIn and generate more attention for your brand.

What is a LinkedIn Engagement Pod? How Does One Work?

LinkedIn’s algorithm determines whether a post should be shown to more people or not by measuring the number of likes, comments, and shares the post has. Depending on the total, LinkedIn might show the content to more people. If a post experiences a high level of engagement shortly after being published, the algorithm might promote it more. This is an ideal result.

An engagement pod is a group of LinkedIn users members who agree to promptly engage with each other’s content. This simple action can attract the algorithm’s attention and possibly produce more visibility.

For example, LinCreator is our engagement pod that can give every user 15 comments and 15 reactions soon after they post their content. This triggers LinkedIn’s algorithm to make it show the content to a bigger audience. Users can post less frequently because their content can be more efficient in obtaining views.

The Benefits of an Engagement Pod

If you’re a business owner, an influencer, or an executive, engagement pods can expose your content and brand to other LinkedIn users. A greater level of visibility can result in more leads and revenue.

Engagement pods can:

  • Amplify your brand’s reach: Increasing your content’s engagement is an essential strategy for success on any platform.
  • Improve networking opportunities: Engagement pods can connect you with people who can help you with other aspects of your brand. These opportunities can lead to others, allowing you to succeed when you couldn’t before.
  • Increase your brand’s authority: When people see how many likes and shares your content receives, they might consider the content to be authoritative and vital.

LinCreator is the Solution to Your LinkedIn Marketing Challenges

When you sign up to use our engagement pod, your visibility problems become ours. LinCreator can help you earn guaranteed engagement from other high-profile LinkedIn creators. It can empower your content to work for you the way it should. In addition to giving you the chance to take your piece of 9 billion LinkedIn impressions, LinCreator can enable you to:

  • Join an exclusive community of like-minded professionals developing their brands.
  • Get honest feedback from your peers so you can improve the impact of your content.
  • Increase your profile views, invitations to connect, and inbound business inquiries.
  • Leverage a proven 7-step Framework to create the kind of content LinkedIn likes to make viral.
  • Optimize your energy in time-specific group activity slots designed to maximize your productivity and brand exposure.

What else can you expect when you sign up for LinCreator?

  • High-Quality Engagement: All of our users are business owners, influencers, and high-level Executives. Some of our users have upwards of 50,000 LinkedIn followers.
  • Dedicated Live Support: Our dedicated support team is active during every scheduled pod. If you ever encounter any issue, connect to the chat and we’ll work hard to resolve it.
  • A Reliable Platform: Beep Together is so intuitive that you’ll rarely have any problems with it.
  • Superior Standards: All of our users must follow the rules when participating on a pod. We continuously audit user behavior and have a 3-strike system. If someone fails to follow our rules, we will kindly ask them to leave.

You can expect true quality engagement on your content as well as premier service.
Ensure every one of your posts gets enough likes, comments, and shares to make LinkedIn users across the world take notice. Sign up for LinCreator now.