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April 8th, 2022 Joaquin Hernandez

When it comes to creating successful LinkedIn content, you’ll run into hundreds of different tips and examples. 

Frankly, it can be hard to keep it all straight! 

We understand how difficult it can be to consistently craft winning content for the ever-changing platform. That’s why we created our Beep2B Daily Newsletter in the first place! Through the newsletter, we share helpful tips and examples to guide you through LinkedIn content creation. 

In this article, we’ll share some of the top content tips we’ve ever shared in our newsletter. 

Keep reading for the best LinkedIn content tips. 

Build Audiences, Not Followers

Some content is aimed at getting you followers. 

Sounds great? Think again!

You’re not after followers. Numbers aren’t all that matters when it comes to this platform. You don’t just want “followers” and connections. What you want is a dedicated audience. That’s why one of our most important content tips ever is to focus on building an audience, not just a following. 

What’s the difference between an audience member and a follower? An audience is engaged. Your audience cares about your content and what you have to say. They pay attention. 

No, you won’t be able to get all of your connections to interact with every single piece of content, but when you build an audience you’ll notice that some people will consistently support your content. 

Ultimately, this helps you garner consistent engagement. Engagement helps you grow your audience, and everyone can grow together. 

Disagreeing with Others is Okay

Sometimes there’s an underlying assumption that when you interact with others on LinkedIn it should always be in agreement. While you do always want to show respect, disagreeing is perfectly okay. 

In fact, a great way to get a lot of eyes on your page is to publicly disagree with an influential member of the LinkedIn community. Take this post by Moe Ali who shares his contrary stance to well-known marketing guru Gary Vee

Doing this tastefully helps you grab the attention of a public figure. It also sparks conversation and debate amongst that person’s audience. If they like what you’re saying, they may be more inclined to become part of your audience. 

Results Can’t Be Seen Until They’re Obvious

Using LinkedIn is not always smooth sailing. It can often feel like you’re spinning the wheels without getting any new results. 

While content is critical, it takes a lot of effort to build momentum. Simply put, the results won’t be seen until they’re obvious. 

If you give up before the seedling sprouts above the dirt, then you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to grow. The key is to keep pushing. Focus on creating content that inspires your audience and provides them with value. 

Your Audience Defines Quality Content

We all think we know what good content is, what our audience just needs to see or hear. 

In reality, your audience is who defines good content. Steve Watt shares a hilarious (yet insightful) post from Lomunidad that illustrates this idea perfectly. 

Content is subjective. What you think is the best content may not resonate with your audience. They might soak up something you whipped together in 2 minutes. 

Focus on what your audience has to say. What they interact with, what they consider to be good content. Let your pre-conceived ideas of “quality” go, and listen to what your audience tells you they like!

Nothing Sells Like Before and After Posts

Results speak. Results are what people want to hear about. They want to envision how you can help them move from their current state to their desired state.

That’s why before and after posts are so powerful. In fact, they are your best salesperson on LinkedIn. Use them to your advantage. 

There are many directions you can take with before and after posts. Use a variety of styles and approaches. One example is to simply share the photos, video, or data that shows the before and after. Leave it at that, keep it simple. Another option is to dive deeper and teach your audience what you learned to get from before to after. 

Listen to Your Audience’s Content Ideas

Far too many people struggle to come up with content ideas that are right in front of them. You don’t need to travel to the deepest part of the ocean for a new idea. 

Remember the tip about your audience determining quality content? Yeah, turns out they also have some pretty great ideas for content you can make. 

This is the BEST way to create content that’s a hit. Simply listen to what they’re asking for and make it. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

Sometimes, your audience may quite literally ask for something specific. “Hey, can you share more about XYZ?” Other times, they may just ask questions that spark new pieces of content. In many cases, they use “nonverbal” cues, like engagement, to tell you what they love and what they want to see more of. 

Engage> Post

Content is a big part of content marketing, but it’s not the only part (or arguably even the most important part). 

You see, to build a community, you’ve got to interact with your audience. Yes, this includes responding to comments. However, it also means taking initiative. 

In addition to responding to the comments and messages people leave you, you should also go comment on other people’s content. daily. 

Engaging more with other people’s content helps get your name in front of more relevant people, which can help you grow your reputation and your audience. It’s also great for the algorithm, which means the platforms will be more likely to push out your content. 

Even more than those reasons, engaging helps you build your relationships with your community. It helps you foster a tighter-knit community and encourage others to reciprocate with your content. 

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There you have it, some of our favorite content tips to put into action today. These tips can help you stay focused on the right things in the often overwhelming space of social media. Using these tips, you can refine your content marketing strategy and start to see the results you’re striving for. 

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