Should You Automate Everything on LinkedIn?

May 18th, 2022 Joaquin Hernandez

Let’s face it. LinkedIn is a platform that every business should be using in 2022. 

The truth is that many brands are on LinkedIn, but they are not yet making the most of the opportunities available. 

This is understandable though. Between running your business and the other core responsibilities you have, LinkedIn can feel like a burden. Finding the time to properly manage content, outreach, and analytics can seem impossible (especially if you aren’t seeing fast results). 

The struggle for finding time for LinkedIn leads many to reasonably consider automation. Thanks to technology, there are now several solutions for automating nearly every LinkedIn responsibility. 

But should you automate everything on LinkedIn?

As tempting as it may be, the answer is no. You should not automate everything on LinkedIn. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

What is Automation?

It seems intuitive, but it’s worth reviewing the concept of automation. Automating a process means you transform it from a manual, hands-on task to one that’s completed by a computer. Automation is now commonly used in all forms of marketing, at various stages and levels. 

At first, automation takes some manpower to set up, but once they are set up they run without interference. One common example in the marketing world is email automation. You can create several templates with various conditions, and the email campaigns will automatically send on their own based on the intended recipient’s actions. If they respond to Email A then they get Email Y but if they don’t respond they get Email X, and so forth. Once you have the system built, it runs on its own, saving you a ton of time and headache. 

Just as you can use automation for emails and other marketing tasks, you can use it for LinkedIn. There are now many programs for automating common LinkedIn tasks, including everything from content to likes, comments, and even messages. 

Top Benefits of Automation

If automation sounds extremely helpful, that’s because it is. There are many reasons why to leverage it for marketing and other operations. Here are some of the top benefits to consider:

  • Save time: Perhaps the largest and most clear benefit of automating your marketing is the ability to save time. Setting up automatic systems streamlines the process of several tasks, saving you many hours. 
  • Reduce repetition: Automation is best-suited for repetitive tasks. Things that you do over and over again, in the same way, can easily get boring and feel like a waste of time. Automating them avoids unnecessary repetition. 
  • Reduce errors: Part of the issue with repetitive tasks is that they are easy to mess up when done manually. Automating them helps cut down on the chances of a mistake (including forgetting to do the task). 

What to Automate on LinkedIn

While you should not automate everything on LinkedIn, there are some tasks that are easy to automate and worth doing. 

Essentially, you want to automate the small things that help keep you active and do not require much customization. Liking relevant content, sending connection requests, and sending basic/simple messages after a birthday or new connection are all good tasks to automate. 

The key is that none of these things require a custom approach, but they are easy to forget or neglect when done manually. Automating them helps bolster your LinkedIn profile and facilitate your growth without turning your page into a robot. 

Manually Engage in These LinkedIn Aspects

As you can see, there are many things that make sense to automate on LinkedIn. However, the things you should not automate are for building relationships. When it comes to relationship-building and deeper engagements, you should not leave it in the hands of a bot.

Basically, software should not replace the activity you need to do for true networking. It should be a tool that assists your engagement on the platform without replacing it. By automating simple things including post likes and connection requests, you can save time and have more for fostering genuine LinkedIn relationships. 

Why isn’t it a good idea to let automatons run your LinkedIn relationships in full? Partly because people can tell. Even very well-designed automation is not quite the same as a genuine conversation. Especially when it comes to later points in a relationship, the automation won’t be able to account for the unique conversation or networking. At some point, it would become clear to your prospect that they are not talking to a live person, and this is off-putting. 

Smart LinkedIn Automation with Beep2B

So, should you automate everything on LinkedIn? Absolutely not!

Automation should be your friend, not your replacement. Leverage to save time on simple, repetitive tasks that are easy to program. Free up some time to spend truly building and fostering relationships on the platform and bringing those relationships off of LinkedIn.

But there’s one issue. A lot of companies try to sell you a 100% automation solution. Frankly, this is not what’s best for the long-term success of your LinkedIn strategy. Instead, you need a tailored strategy that will automate the simple tasks and leave the lead-nurturing to you. 

That’s exactly what we offer here at Beep2B. Using proven B2B marketing techniques, we generate the top LinkedIn leads for you. Skip the hours of effort it takes to acquire new leads, and get qualified leads right to your inbox in no time. We’ll bring you consistent leads and from there you can take over with the real networking. 
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