How to Find Your Next Content Idea in 5 Minutes or Less

February 4th, 2022 Joaquin Hernandez

Regularly posting content on social media is a must for any business these days. 

The truth is that different sources all provide their own opinion about how often to post on social platforms. In reality, you need to be consistent while still providing valuable content. 

Posting just to post won’t help you grow your online audience or attract leads. Instead, you need to consistently post content that your target audience cares about. 

Let’s face it, it can be difficult and time-consuming to constantly find content ideas. 

Fortunately, sourcing content ideas don’t have to eat away at your time. 

There are plenty of ways to get inspiration within a matter of minutes. 

Today, we’ll share some of our favorite tips for quickly getting content ideas. 

Inspiration from Your Favorite Creators 

Check your favorite creators, blogs, social media accounts, podcasts, and more. Think specifically about creators who post content that’s similar to yours or relevant to your audience. 

Once you find something relevant and interesting, you have a few options. 

  • Share the idea of their content from another platform in your own words on LinkedIn. The best way of doing it is if it’s content from creators that are outside of LinkedIn, so you’re basically adapting it to the audience and style of LinkedIn. 
  • Share a quote or snippet of their content with your own commentary. 
  • Reshare their post with your own take. 
  • Take something you learned from their content and share it as a “lesson” or something new you learned on LinkedIn. 

Get Ideas from Leads and Clients 

People tell you the kind of content they want to see. For one, you can always use polls and questions to find out what type of content people prefer. Furthermore, look at your own analytics to see what resonates with your audience. If you notice high engagement surrounding certain topics, do more posts in that category. 

Beyond polls and analytics, pay attention to your leads and clients’ problems, aspirations, etc to find easy content ideas. 

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • What questions do my clients ask me all the time? Turn their questions into Q&A posts, FAQs, and blog posts that address the question at hand. 
  • What problems do my clients wish to get resolved?  Can you create content to resolve these problems or to highlight a solution?
  • What advice am I constantly giving out for free when speaking to clients? Turn the advice you already give into the content. 
  • What hacks or secrets am I sharing with my clients that they love? These make great short posts and blog posts!

Answering those questions will give you a good understanding of what anyone in your industry wants to know and therefore, what content they want to consume. 

Ideas from Work 

Take a closer look at your everyday work, it may present many ideas. 

Some questions to assess about your work include:

  • What tools do you use every day to make your work easier? You could share content about the tools you love and use, and how they’ve helped you. 
  • How do you solve problems you encounter? Share your methods and tips in posts. 
  • What actions have brought you the biggest success? People love success stories, especially when you explain what they can do to achieve similar results. 

 Even if the answer isn’t directly related to what you do for a living, your audience might be struggling with similar things that you have already figured out. Therefore, they might still be interested in knowing how you did it. 

Personal Life 

Work-life isn’t the only place for content inspiration. Take a look at your personal routines and lifestyle. 

Remember, the ultimate goal of your content is to connect with your audience. When they see content they relate to, they will identify with you and yearn to get closer. It helps build rapport and humanize your brand. 

Use stories from your personal life to relate to your prospects. If we see that someone else is too far ahead of us on the same journey, we get discouraged and think they are somehow special. But if we can relate to someone because they’re just a few steps ahead of us, we feel that we can get closer to them to learn from them and get to where they are.

Think about examples from your present and past experiences, especially those that illuminate your humanity. You can talk about how you overcome obstacles, former myths you believed, how you accomplished certain things, and more. You can also share “life lessons” or parallels between work and personal life. Sharing your routine and personal life, and how they have changed over time helps your audience feel similar to you. It will give them the sense that they can achieve the things you have too. 

Repurpose and Refresh 

Perhaps one of the best places to quickly find new content ideas is from existing content. Consider how you can refresh and repurpose things you’ve already posted. 

Take this example. Let’s say you have a blog post on your website. You may be able to convert that one blog into several additional content pieces like:

  • A number of quotes, where you pull out a key statistics, phrase, or quote from the blog and turn it into a graphic or word post. 
  • A video. Turn the main points of the article into a simple video, or make a talking video covering the main points. 
  • An infographic. 
  • New blog posts that expand on a section in the original post. 

Additionally, you can also refresh and repost content you shared a long time ago. If you had a relevant article you shared many months ago, simply revamp it (improve the writing, update any stats, add any new findings, etc) and repost it. This is especially helpful if you’ve grown your connections a lot since the original post. 

Get Started with These Fast Content Ideas 

As you can see, there are many ways to quickly find powerful content ideas for your LinkedIn and social media strategies. By implementing the ideas above, you can generate relevant, valuable new content in a matter of minutes. 

Beep2B is here to help you master your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Along with the tips above, we combine proven methods to help you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Learn more about the BEEP method and how we can help you grow your business on LinkedIn today by booking your strategy session!