How to Promote Your Podcast on LinkedIn

In the beginning, while you’re still learning the ins and outs of hosting a podcast, you probably won’t feel too confident in your skills. As your skill progress, you’ll probably even feel slightly embarrassed by the previous episodes. But once you get to a certain point, you naturally want to bring in more listeners.

Exposing your show to a new audience. This is the biggest problem most podcasters have.

Simply put, you need to find a way to market yourself to a bigger audience if you don’t want to get stuck in the 50-download-per-episode spot forever. While you might not be aware of this, one of the best ways to promote your podcast is through LinkedIn.

Why Promote Your Podcast on LinkedIn?

First off, although not talked about as much as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, LinkedIn is a huge social platform. Currently, it has 675 million users from 200 countries from all over the globe. What’s more important, all of the most serious business people and influencers use it.

Research shows that 90 million senior-level executives use the platform. All of these people are highly influential in their industries and can help you get even more exposure if they become regular listeners. And keep in mind, most of these people regularly listen to podcasts. 

A recent study revealed that 45% of podcast listeners earn more than $75,000 per year. Here are a few things you can do tap into that market.

Promote Your Podcast on Linked in 3 Steps

First off, you should make sure to mention your podcast in your profile headline. That’s the easiest way of letting people know you’re a serious podcaster. Furthermore, make sure to share a link to your podcast, every time you post an episode. But those are the basics. Here are three steps every serious podcaster should take to promote their show on LinkedIn:

1. Create a Company Page

While you might still be viewing it as a hobby, podcasting is your business. And every serious business needs to have a LinkedIn Company Page. A company page comes with many benefits: it allows you to create sponsored ads, track analytics, and even find workers, once your podcast becomes big enough.

2. Create a Native Blog Post

Creating an entire blog post may be time-consuming, but if you want to get serious about podcasting, this will definitely be worth your time. You have the LinkedIn Publishing platform, which allows you to publish and distribute articles on LinkedIn as you would on your blog.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

In terms of marketing, LinkedIn Groups are one of the most under-appreciated and under-used tools you have. They allow you to build relationships with professionals that share similar interests as you. Try not to spam your groups, but to get to know people and connect to industry influencers.

Keep Promoting your Podcast

Your main goal should be trying to get as much exposure as possible for your podcast. With more exposure, you’ll be able to bring more industry professionals, experts, and influencers as guests and extend your reach.  Once you get the ball rolling, more people will find you organically.

We hope you found our article enjoyable and informative. How do you promote your podcast? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.