Promote: How to Create Opportunities to Make Sales

Our previous blog post, the fourth in our series on the BEEP Method, discussed the Educate stage of the process and how it fits into the BEEP pyramid as a whole.

You now have the tools to build a presence by getting people to know that you exist, getting them to like you, and getting them to trust you.

How do you actually make sales from all of this?

That’s where the Promote stage of the process comes in. 

There are a lot of tactics that you can use to drive sales and secure these opportunities, but the first three layers of the pyramid will do the majority of the work for you.

Promote your specific skills and services so that your connections know how you can help solve their problems. One of the most important parts of this is your LinkedIn profile.

The Role of Your LinkedIn Profile Page

Your LinkedIn profile page is a valuable tool because you can use it to sell yourself and the services you offer.

You can see the number of people who visit your profile, which is an excellent measure of how well your networking efforts are going.

How can you create the strongest possible profile page?

Make sure you have a nice, clear profile picture that appears friendly and relaxed and shows no more than your head and shoulders. Neutral backgrounds are also beneficial.

Consider getting a professional banner header designed. This adds a nice touch of personality and is an easy way to promote a brief business branding message.

Share your personal mission and your story in your about section. Keep it personal because people want to know that they are connecting with actual genuine people.

Include links to your website or other resources that show your credibility, and list articles, videos, or brochures that demonstrate what you are capable of.

Intuition and Finding Opportunities

Your subconscious mind and your intuition are the keys to proactively finding and pursuing opportunities. 

There are three main steps you can take to use your intuition.

First, believe that the people you are connecting with have the potential to become new customers. This is supported by using the BEEP Method to connect with the right people from the very beginning.

Next, be sure to take a moment to familiarize yourself with new connections as you add them to your network. This is how you prime your subconscious for success.

Be careful not to send automated messages that can come across as impersonal or less genuine.

Finally, while looking over their profile information, create a mental movie of what it would be like if you met them. How would you display your Connector mindset and show them what you are capable of and how that will specifically help them?

As you make connections and see more activity from your contacts, you may feel like opportunities to help your connections come from out of nowhere. This is the work your intuition has done for you.

Make sure to communicate these opportunities in context to keep the conversation and connection feeling natural.

Add Value to Promotional Work

Another strong way to add credibility to your service promotion is to justify it by creating an immediate value for your network.

A giveaway, such as a training guide or a case study, is a great way to do this. You could post it in your feed and use the Feed Formula to ensure that it gets enough engagement to succeed.

One neat strategy for doing this and generating engagement is to create a post that has details about a free book or another free product you can offer and to ask your network to comment on the post to receive the freebie via direct message.

If you can offer something of great value, these posts can go viral as more and more people comment to claim their free item.

For this approach to succeed, you must follow up with each person who comments and try to keep a conversation going. However, using this strategy too frequently can start to feel like an ongoing marketing campaign, so be sure only to do this every once in a while.

A final tactic to add value to promotional work is to use the LinkedIn Events feature to promote a webinar or masterclass. This is a powerful strategy that often brings huge rewards.

Build a Stronger Presence Today

Now you know all of the steps of the BEEP Method and have a better idea of how to promote yourself and generate genuine connections and engagements with your network.

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