Educate: How to Develop Credibility Through Content

In our previous blog post from our series on the BEEP Method, we detailed the Engage step of the process and how to move into that step from the Build stage.

The Build stage is about getting people to know that you exist, and the Engage stage is about getting them to like you through genuine, consistent engagements, so what comes next?

Educate your audience to get them to trust you.

By providing education and showing your audience that you offer a high quality product or service, they will gain a deeper trust for your business and know that they can always go to you for whatever it is that you do.

The best way to build trust is by showing your audience your capabilities and demonstrating that to them. You can do this with your LinkedIn content.

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

Because there are so many users and so many posts on LinkedIn, it would be impossible to see every post made by each one of your contacts.

LinkedIn has their own algorithm set up to handle this, but how does it work?

At first, LinkedIn only shows the posts you make to a maximum of a few hundred of your contacts. If enough people from that group like and comment on a post, it will be shown to more contacts, and the process will repeat and continue as long as people engage with it.

Most people do not get enough initial likes and comments on their posts, so LinkedIn does not show most of their posts to a larger group of contacts.

This is why some posts only get 100 or 200 views, despite having many more connections than that.

The Feed Formula

To ensure that your entire network sees a post that you make, you need to get around 15 likes and 15 comments on the post.

You also need to get this engagement within the first few hours of posting in order to get the greatest effect from it.

There are many ways to get initial engagement with your content.

Messaging all of your friends, family, and colleagues and asking them to engage is a tactic that may work for a while, but LinkedIn will add less weight to their engagements over time if it sees the same group of people interacting with every post.

Another strategy is to tap into an Engagement Pod network. This is a community of people who agree to like and comment on your posts if you will do the same in return.

Poor Engagement Pod networks can consist of poor-quality groups trying to find a way to beat the system by interacting with and sharing low-quality promotional posts.

However, if the engagement is driven by genuine interactions and high-quality posts, it can drive up your post engagement and work in your favor.

At Beep, we actually have a community that has been built for this purpose. Check out our Beep Together group to learn more about this platform.

What Content Should You Post?

There are a few different types of content you can post, and not all of them are measured equally. 

The types of content you can make include:

  • Feed Posts: Shorter form posts that you can add directly from your LinkedIn feed. These can include image and document attachments. Simple, text-based feed posts tend to get the most visibility.
  • Videos: These can be attached to Feed Posts. Views are measured differently, and people do not use LinkedIn for watching lots of videos. However, shorter videos can generate good engagement, as long as they don’t include links that lead users away from LinkedIn.
  • Articles: Longer form posts that allow you to embed images and links. These provide the best opportunity to share rich, informative content, but LinkedIn does not prioritize them in the feed. They are still a good tool to create to refer your contacts to or to feature on your page.

What should you be posting?

Remember that LinkedIn is a business platform, but it is also social media. You will succeed by making genuine content that connects socially with your contacts and generates a natural type of engagement.

Share content that you are passionate and excited about, and your audience will get excited about it, too.

Try to create and share at least one or two good, strong posts each week to maximize your engagement.

Develop Credibility Today

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