Why LinkedIn is Still the Most Powerful Platform for B2B Marketing & Sales in 2021

LinkedIn was built for business networking back in 2003, but is it still relevant nearly 20 years later?

Yes! In 2021, LinkedIn is STILL the most powerful platform for B2B marketing and sales. 

LinkedIn is one of the best B2B tools available. It’s one that every single business-to-business company should take advantage of for marketing and sales. 

Read on to find out why LinkedIn is such a powerful B2B marketing tool. 

Huge Audience Base

In its own words “LinkedIn is thriving.” The platform has over 706 million members, with 3 professionals signing up every second. The users span over 200 countries, as well as a wide variety of industries and job titles. 

It’s a rapidly growing platform with over 55 million companies. One of the best advantages LinkedIn offers is a huge audience base. The platform has a large audience of professionals and companies for your business to connect with. 

Network Growth Potential 

Growing your network on other social platforms is a huge challenge for businesses. On LinkedIn, it’s still relatively easy to grow your network. 

People on LinkedIn are more open to connecting with new people because they too are looking to build a relevant network. When you send a Linkedin connection request and the other person accepts it, you both have grown your network. On other platforms, you can merely follow someone. If the other person doesn’t follow you back, then you have not grown your network. 

The openness and willingness to connect are a lot different than some other platforms. For example, Facebook users tend to only accept requests from people they know or at least have met. Ultimately, LinkedIn users are looking for new connections, and accepting a request grows the network for both parties. This process is different from other platforms, which is why Linkedin can be so beneficial for marketing and sales. 

Business Mindset

People on LinkedIn have the right mindset. The platform is designed for business talk, so people are willing and ready to have it. On this network, it’s acceptable and normal to message someone about products and services. As long as you aren’t messaging in a spammy way, it will be well received. 

The right mindset is crucial for marketing and sales. On other social channels, the mindset is not already pre-set for business. It causes an additional hurdle to position people in the right frame of mind. On LinkedIn, you don’t have to worry about that. As long as your messages are well-written and appropriate, people will already be in a business mindset for them. 


Trust is crucial for marketing and sales success, especially for B2B companies. Clients must have trust in your business and service to convert. Without it, marketing will not result in sales. Unfortunately, accurate, credible information is in short supply. 

For three consecutive years, LinkedIn has been rated the #1 most trusted social media platform. Brands that ran ads on LinkedIn were perceived as more professional, more respectable, higher quality, and more intelligent. 

In short, LinkedIn has a strong reputation as a trustworthy platform. Using it for B2B marketing and sales can help you improve your brand image and gain the trust of your prospects. 

Powerful Search Functionality 

One of the most compelling reasons why LinkedIn is so valuable for B2B marketers is its powerful search function. Its search functionality is extremely detailed. No other platform allows you to find your ideal audience in such a granular way as LinkedIn. Especially if you’re a premium user, it’s very easy to find people that are interested in what you do. 

The incredible search feature saves you a lot of time. On other social platforms, it’s extremely difficult to find your target prospect. It can take a very long time just to narrow down searches to be remotely relevant. Marketers can spend more time nurturing leads and less time searching with LinkedIn’s search function. 

Organic Relevance 

On other platforms, organic reach is nearly dead. Paid results have taken over, storming to the top of feeds and searches. LinkedIn’s organic reach is still relevant, and this is incredibly valuable. On this platform, you can still gain substantial organic reach when sharing content. 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn or organic social marketing, which makes it the top network for B2B marketers. 

Organic reach is imperative for content marketing. Organic results are simply hard to come by on advertising-saturated social media sites like Instagram. With a strong content strategy, you can achieve great organic results on LinkedIn. 

CRM Imports

Getting relevant contacts for your email list is a real struggle. LinkedIn makes it very easy to obtain contacts to your CRM. When you create a LinkedIn event, you can get the email address of anyone who signs up for the event. Simply import the emails into your CRM. 

Once you have the emails, you can continue nurturing them with email marketing. Typically, generating emails for your list is time-consuming and complicated. With LinkedIn, you can offer an event that provides value for your audience while also gathering relevant emails. 

Start Building Connections on LinkedIn

As you can see, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for B2B marketing and sales. 

The platform helps businesses build relationships with key decision-makers. Whether you are already on the platform or have yet to get started, now is the time to maximize your success with the right strategies. 
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