5 Reasons to Cancel LinkedIn Premium And 5 Reasons to Reconsider

You’ve been using LinkedIn for a while now and feel like you’ve hit a ceiling with the Free plan. You enjoy the features, but feel like the limitations are preventing you to grow your businesses as much or as fast as you’d want to. So you decided to give LinkedIn Premium a try.

But it didn’t work out.

For whatever reason, you didn’t get the results you wanted. And now you’re considering whether it was the right decision to sign up in the first place. That’s understandable. And you’re not alone. But there’s also a possibility that you haven’t used LinkedIn Premium right.

If you’re still on the fence, then read on to discover…

  • Five reasons people cancel their account
  • Five things to consider before you cancel
  • How to cancel your account
  • How we can help you maximise your ROI

5 reasons people cancel LinkedIn Premium plans

There could be a myriad of reasons why you’d consider cancelling your LinkedIn Premium account. But we’ve worked with a lot of business professionals and have identified five key reasons why most people decide to cancel. Let’s have a look at them here below.

1. It’s too expensive

More than a few people have commented on the fact that the various LinkedIn Premium plans seem pricey. So you’re not alone if you’ve weighed up the cost of your Premium account and decided that it doesn’t give you a good return on your investment.

2. It’s not relevant to your industry

LinkedIn as a platform is very much geared towards what could be termed “office jobs.” It’s seen as a tool used by salespeople, marketers, PR agents, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and so on. So tradespeople, artists, and other professionals can often feel like it’s not relevant to them.

3. You can’t find the right people

Maybe you wanted to recruit some fresh talent for your organization or connect with potential clients for your products and services. But despite your searching, you haven’t managed to find the people you were looking for. And now you’re wondering if Premium is really worth it.

4. The right people can’t find you

Many LinkedIn users want to attract talent, clients, and collaborators to their profile and feel like a Premium subscription would do the trick. If you’ve thought the same and have been disappointed by your profile’s lack of traction, then you might consider cancelling Premium.

5. You’re not getting responses

Finally, LinkedIn Premium is used by many salespeople because of the free InMails you can send each month. But if you don’t get any responses to your messages, then the 15-20 InMails suddenly become quite costly. And now you’re considering going back to cold emails instead.

5 things to consider before you cancel LinkedIn Premium

While all the above reasons can be valid, we find that many people cancel LinkedIn Premium because they don’t have a strategy or the tools to succeed. But if you identify exactly why you’re not experiencing the success you expected, then there’s usually an easy solution to the issue.

1. You could boost your ROI

The reason most people who think it’s expensive decide to cancel their plan is that they don’t get the right return on their investment. But if you pay the £24.98 to £79.99 it costs every month and manage to land just one client, then it will already have paid for itself.

2. You could be a first-mover

Maybe landscapers and fine artists aren’t the most prominent group of users on LinkedIn. Maybe you don’t think it’s relevant to your industry. But ask yourself if your job relies any less on networking than other jobs? Why not be a first-mover in your industry and dominate LinkedIn?

3. You could use the advanced search

If you signed up to LinkedIn Premium to find people to hire or work with and didn’t get the desired results, you may want to cancel. But have you used all the advanced search features that come with your LinkedIn plan? Have you used the right filters and search terms?

4. You could optimize your profile

Maybe you expected the LinkedIn Premium badge on your profile to open doors for you. But no one got in touch, and now you want to cancel. But there could be other reasons. Have you filled out your profile? Used a professional photo? Used the right keywords? Got recommendations?

5. You could improve your messages

Finally, you may not think the InMails are worth it because you don’t get any responses. But what if it’s not LinkedIn itself but the content of your messages that aren’t working? There are many ways to approach people, and a small tweak to your message could yield the right results.

How to cancel LinkedIn Premium

If you’re still certain that you want to cancel LinkedIn Premium, then it’s very quick and easy to do. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your plan here below.

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on “Me” in the top right corner.
  3. Click on “Premium subscription settings” in the dropdown menu.
  4. Find the “Manage Premium” section on the right-hand side.
  5. Click “Cancel subscription” under the “Manage Premium” heading.
  6. Click “Continue” when prompted.
  7. Pick one of the reasons when asked why you’re cancelling.
  8. Click “Done” to return to the main dashboard.

That’s it! You’ve now cancelled your LinkedIn Premium plan and can still use all the features of the Free plan.

Still on the fence?

If you haven’t yet decided whether you want to cancel LinkedIn Premium, then get in touch with us. We’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs and business professionals master the art of LinkedIn. And we think that the Premium plans offer some amazing tools that can get results.

Check out our LinkedIn Training or see how we can help you with LinkedIn marketing. You just might discover that a LinkedIn Premium subscription is the best investment you could make. All you need is one good client, hire, or networking opportunity for it to be worth it.