How to use LinkedIn Newsletters as a Part of Your Marketing

December 3rd, 2021 Joaquin Hernandez

LinkedIn is the most powerful social networking platform for professionals today. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is only becoming more popular as more jobs transition to remote work. As the importance of a presence on LinkedIn becomes more clear, so are the ways to connect with potential audiences.

Luckily, LinkedIn recently rolled out their “Creator Mode” feature to all members. This moves newsletters away from an invite-only system and frees it up to the public (save some easy qualifiers.)

In this article, we will discuss what LinkedIn Newsletters are, how to start one, and how to keep one going. Thankfully, this tool presents an easy opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd! 

What are LinkedIn Newsletters?

Newsletters from LinkedIn are different from other email newsletters programs out there. With most newsletters, emails often take the form of easily-digestible content with a link to a more complex call-to-action. By contrast, LinkedIn’s newsletters are more of an extension of the publishing feature. 

As such, the newsletters sent from LinkedIn’s platform use full articles by reformatting them into an email. There will be minor cosmetic changes but, otherwise, LinkedIn’s newsletters are the same as the articles you are publishing. 

Articles are a great way to showcase your authority over the topics of your industry. We’ve touched on the importance of educating your audience in the past. This is crucial for creating great articles for your newsletters. The better your content is, the better your newsletters will be. 


Until recently, newsletters existed on an invite-only basis. Luckily this has changed and anyone who meets the following requirements can start their newsletter on Linkedin!

  • Audience Size: pages must have more than 150 followers and/or connections.
  • Recent Sharing of Any Type of Original Content: LinkedIn wants pages that have created original content on their platform in the past. It doesn’t matter the form of content that you are sharing as long as it has happened recently and it is original.
  • No history of abusing the platform’s policies: This one is pretty obvious. LinkedIn wants to make sure they aren’t giving a larger platform to users that are already abusing the one they have now.

Anyone meeting these (very reasonable) criteria, can start a newsletter with LinkedIn! The great thing about these requirements is that they are very simple to meet even if you aren’t currently there.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Newsletter

The benefit of the newsletter is that it takes your post from the news feed and puts it into the inboxes of everyone on your list. Additionally, this removes the risk of your followers not seeing your content. It also encourages people to forge deeper connections with your brand. 

LinkedIn Newsletters also present the opportunity to expand your audience. Like other elements of the site, the algorithms that LinkedIn uses to promote newsletters broadcasts them more widely. Like with fishing, the more lines you put into the water, the more likely you are to catch more fish!

Not only does this build your audience, but it also provides them with more content to engage with! These engagements can turn into leads for your business and boost your brand awareness.

Not to mention that this service is completely free and offered to premium and non-premium members alike. 

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

Once you have met the above criteria, you can use the guide below to start your newsletter.

Step 1: Turn on Creator Mode

If you have already activated creator mode, you can skip this step.

Creator mode allows you to access all the tools LinkedIn has to offer for its creators. Besides newsletters, there are article publishing tools, live video capabilities, the ability to attach documents to your posts, and more. 

To turn on creator mode, click your icon at the top left and go to your profile. Scroll down to your dashboard and you should see creator mode listed at the top. Click on the link to toggle it on. Select up to five topics that describe your content to ensure that the right audience is getting it and click Done.

Step 2: Launch your Newsletter

Once you have activated creator mode, you will be able to create your newsletter! Click on the Write an Article button at the top of your page to go to the publishing tool. From there you can click Create Newsletter. A screen will prompt you to add a title, description, publishing cadence, and logo. Do all these and click Done.

At this point, LinkedIn will automatically invite all your connections and followers to sign up for your newsletter via notifications. For this reason, make sure that you are ready to launch your newsletter before you finish. 

Step 3: Write Your First Newsletter

Your first newsletter sets the tone for your subscribers and makes the case for your followers and connections to subscribe. Now that you have created the newsletter, adding your first article to it is the final step. 

Once your writing is complete click Publish and enter more context on the screen that appears. This context is the last thing added before the article goes live so make sure it’s ready before you complete the screen.

After sending the newsletter, it will become available on the page of your newsletter as well as posted in your feed.

Sending Future Newsletters

Once your newsletter is up and running, maintaining it with regular content is crucial. Adding a post to your newsletter is as simple as the process of writing an article. Sending newsletters on a regular basis ensures that your following stays interested! 

Creating a newsletter is as simple as:

  1. Clicking Write Article and then Write Newsletter buttons on your homepage.
  2. Adding the headline and title.
  3. Writing the content.

Once done, you can click “Done” and all your subscribers will receive a notification that your latest newsletter has landed!


The Newsletter feature is new to most users but has the potential to be extremely useful. Not only can newsletters help grow your audience, engagement, and brand awareness, they also allow you to establish your company as an educational authority. 

Nearly anyone can activate creator controls and start their newsletter. Once up and running, it’s important to keep your newsletter relevant by adding content frequently.

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