Using Creator Mode to Grow a Following on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently introduced creator mode as part of their recent Profile updates, which can be found in the Profile dashboard. Turning on creator mode more prominently displays your content and encourages others to follow you, helps build your audience, and fosters audience engagement on LinkedIn. 

This mode allows you to highlight up to five topics. When you pick topics you pick them in the form of hashtags. LinkedIn will also show how many people follow you. 

When you turn on Creator Mode, it will shift the order of the sections of your profile. The follow button is the prominent button on your profile in place of the more common connect button. 

How to Leverage Creator Mode

Growth in activity creates more demand from users and creators for new and enhanced ways to connect with and grow audiences. Creating new avenues, like creator mode, gives creators and LinkedIn users looking to build a stronger presence more incentive to continue using the platform to share insights, content, and discussions.

Grow your Following

LinkedIn reports that 50% of “follows” originate from profile views. When switching to Creator Mode, the call-to-action (CTA) for users visiting these profiles changes from ‘Connect’ to ‘Follow’. This makes it easier to grow your audience. Although there’s a 30,000 connection limit, the amount of followers a user can have is unlimited.

The number of followers a creator has is also displayed at the top of their profile. For creators with an existing following, the new mode helps to bolster their credibility with their audience.

Follow other creators like you. This gives you visibility about what kind of content they are posting, but also what their audience likes and engages with. Your name will start to get noticed by them and their followers if you regularly engage with their content.

The LinkedIn community focuses on mutual engagement so don’t think of it as a competitive environment, most creators are happy to share tips and even collaborate on content. The most important thing is driving the message.

The shift to online networking and virtual work-related events means increased opportunities for platforms like LinkedIn to be leveraged by brands and advertisers alike. 

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Creator Mode prioritizes user content over work experience and education, which enables creators and thought leaders to emphasize their strengths. Using valuable content, you can separate yourself from competitors by highlighting your expertise and industry knowledge. Creators can also add unique hashtags to their profiles, allowing potential followers to quickly identify which top topics they post about the most.  

One great way to be recognized as innovative in your industry is by sharing relevant news about your industry on LinkedIn. When you find a story to share, write an educated post about why you’re sharing the story and invite followers to engage in the conversation by asking questions or creating a CTA. take advantage of the tagging function to include people in the post who may be interested in joining the conversation. 

Get Discovered

Creator Mode also makes users eligible for Search and Discovery results, allowing thought leaders to be featured in front of potential and existing clients. For users who regularly share content with their network on LinkedIn, this feature is another great tool for distributing thought leadership and demonstrating expertise. LinkedIn’s Creator Mode puts thought leaders’ content at the forefront of their profiles and enables busy experts to grow their following.

Create a Video Cover Story

Although not directly related to creator mode, the easiest video to start with is your video cover story. This feature gives you the chance to introduce yourself with a 30-second video that will feature on your profile picture. Use this video as an elevator pitch featuring top highlights, mentioning skills, and what benefits people can get out of following your profile. 

Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Ask a current or former client to write you a recommendation so that you can post it on your profile.

You can even draft something for them and send it to them via a ‘recommendation request’. This is a great way to show that you have a great work ethic and that your background can be verified. Just make sure your experience, skills, and awards are up to date. Narrow it down to the highlights and keep the strongest experiences that align with your future career goals front and center.

Get Going!

Now that you know what LinkedIn Creator Mode is and how to become a LinkedIn top thought influencer. Start planning your content, defining your audience, and follow your favorite influencers for inspiration. When you’re ready, get started on creating, let Beep2b give you the leg up in lead generation and marketing!