10 LinkedIn Tips to Raise Your Profile

It’s a competitive market on LinkedIn, but fortunately, there are ways to stand out from the crowd. We’ve rounded up ten tips to help you raise your profile and get noticed.

1. Write a good headline

Your profile headline works the same way as any other headline: it has to grab people’s attention. Use it to highlight your value proposition and make people read your entire profile.

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2. Make it visually pleasing

Make sure you use a professional photo for your profile picture and add a relevant cover photo for the background. The better your visuals are, the more likely people are to check you out.

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3. List your accomplishments

Achievements are more impressive than boring employment history. Use your profile to highlight the results you’re able to produce as an entrepreneur to impress your potential clients.

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4. Use the right keywords

LinkedIn is a search engine just like any other platform. Make sure you use the keywords that are relevant to your industry so you can more easily be found by potential clients and staff.

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5. Avoid using buzzwords

Yes, you’re “passionate” and “creative” but so is everyone else. Avoid using empty buzzwords that make people’s eyes glaze over. Instead, use your profile to show rather than tell.

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6. Use different kinds of media

Humans are visual creatures, so use that to your advantage when you create your LinkedIn profile. Use images, videos, slide shows, and presentations to keep people’s attention.

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7. Join relevant groups

LinkedIn has groups for different industries and professions. Whether you’re a copywriter, a software developer or a sales executive, there’s a group for you to join and network in.

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8. Ask for recommendations

Social proof is a great way to raise your profile on LinkedIn. Just like customer testimonials, a good recommendation can make all the difference when people decide to work with you or not.

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9. Engage with content

LinkedIn is a social media platform, which means you have to be social. Don’t just post your own content. Engage with content other people have posted and they might just reciprocate.

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10. Steal like an artist

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so don’t be afraid to steal a great idea you come across on someone else’s profile. Just make sure you imitate and don’t plagiarise – that’s bad form.

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Feeling equipped?

Hopefully, you can put these LinkedIn tips to great use and boost your profile on the social media platform. Remember that every little helps – now go and be great.