How to get more views on LinkedIn posts

January 8th, 2021 Mathias Lehnhoff
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Need some help with standing out from the crowd? On LinkedIn it can be challenging to increase views as there is plenty of competition for your audience’s attention. Here are some examples on how to help support your company to go to the right direction.

Create Original Content

Original content is one of the key ways to gain more views for your posts. Using your own unique voice with observations, your experiences and opinions on the subject matter will help you stand out. You can use original content as part of your industry updates that will get your company in front of your target audiences.

It is recommended to post 3 times a week on LinkedIn, as this will help to grow your following and your audience will start to remember your name and brand. It is also best to use short paragraphs now that more people are likely to view LinkedIn on their mobile phones. Hashtags are always good to include in your posts because they help to get you and your company noticed.

Publish LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn provides the best way to gain more views for your posts is using the LinkedIn Publisher Platform. LinkedIn Publisher is an article publishing tool to help you write and share your articles for your company’s LinkedIn page.

The LinkedIn Publisher Platform is great to build more engagement and interaction with your audience, as well as building a portfolio of creative content. For an eye-catching article, share your unique perspectives and opinions on your subject matter, as well as including high quality photography to grab your audience’s attention.

You can use LinkedIn Publisher Platform on your computer and iPad. The main thing to remember is to double check the formatting of your article; use double space so your audience can read your article easily and use an attention-grabbing headline underneath your opening photo before you click publish.

Tagging people on LinkedIn can help with increasing your views by encouraging other viewers interact by asking questions. If someone makes a comment – make sure that you take the time to respond. This will help with your exposure and increase the visibility, as you and your company will appear on news feeds and timelines of friends of the people who are commenting on your posts. 

Utilise LinkedIn Groups

Networking and collaboration are essential for gaining views for your posts. There are many groups to choose from on LinkedIn and collaboration can lead to long-term working and sponsorship opportunities.

Inviting people to join your group and networking events can help with increasing your views. It is important to send a personalised invitation to join your group to set the tone for engagement going forward and open the door for further conversation. Use your group to keep members up to date with any future events and projects that they can collaborate.

Optimise for Mobile

Now that an increasing number of people are using LinkedIn on their mobile phones, it is important to have easy to read content for your target audience. This includes short sentences that are quick to type, using hashtags and avoiding posting long paragraphs, as this could lose your audience’s attention.

Be Real

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest in your posts, this type of humanising content increases interaction and engagement. Through your stories, you can influence others by sharing both your accomplishments and failures. This will give you and your audience the opportunity to engage and reflect on your mistakes and wins.


Using the above strategies will go long way towards helping your content get more views on LinkedIn. However, if you’re already doing all of the above and still not getting the traction your content deserves, check out our exclusive Beep Together Engagement Network.