How to Get More LinkedIn Users to Accept Your Connection Requests

Building your LinkedIn network is one of the best ways to grow your business online. It serves as a highly targeted group of relevant prospects that you can nurture into leads. 

But, before you can leverage content marketing strategies, you need to have a network. 

Why not just play the numbers game and send out as many invites as possible?


Fixing a LinkedIn Lead Magnet That’s Not Working

Lead magnets can help you grab the attention of your prospects on LinkedIn. Effective ones will have your audience looking at more and more of your content, perhaps even moving toward the next stage in your funnel. 

But sometimes we implement lead magnets that we think will be a hit just to find that they are duds on the platform. 


Become a LinkedIn Messages Pro

LinkedIn messages are a powerful pipeline for nurturing leads and building strong relationships with prospects and customers. 

However, they can quickly become difficult to manage. 

For one, there are several different messaging features to be aware of. As LinkedIn messaging becomes more common, users are on the lookout for spammy or overly generic content.


LinkedIn Message Ads: Why This Might Be The Solution for Growing Your Business

As many businesses have realized by now, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for growing your business. 

The platform, and how to best use it, continue to evolve. It now has many helpful features, and knowing how to use them is paramount for leveraging the platform. One of the best features to get on board with now is LinkedIn Message ads (also known as Sponsored Inmails.)


LinkedIn Company Pages: Are They Worth It?

When it comes to using LinkedIn for your business, you will likely stumble across Company Pages. 

Company pages are different from personal profiles, but it can be tricky to know what you need to use when. 

If you’re already spending the time on your personal profile, is a company page worth it?


Cross-Promoting Your Content Across Multiple Channels

At Beep2B, we’re all about LinkedIn. 

It’s one of the best platforms for reaching your target audience and nurturing valuable leads. 

That being said, it’s not the ONLY platform that can help you reach your business goals. 


How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn is a social networking channel that exists in its own lane. LinkedIn offers an impressive audience of 800m members. Other platforms are missing something exclusive to LinkedIn. Namely, the fact that all of their audience is looking for professional connections. That specific interest is what sets apart LinkedIn from the rest of the crowd.

The current outlook for social media is often concerning. Many platforms have felt as though they are losing credibility for some time. LinkedIn, however, was recently voted the most trusted platform by Business Insider


The Top 10 LinkedIn Questions of 2021 Finally Answered

LinkedIn has changed a lot in the last year. There has been a shift in the way people receive messages. LinkedIn clamped down on the number of people you can connect with. Some automation tools have fallen to the wayside while others have risen to replace them.

It’s important to stay up to date on the platform as it’s ever-changing. With that in mind, here are the 10 most asked questions we received about LinkedIn in 2021:


What 2022 Looks Like for LinkedIn Users

Over the past 20 years, LinkedIn has established itself as the optimal balance between professional networking and social media. 

Since its establishment in 2002, LinkedIn has added and changed many new features. 


How to use LinkedIn Newsletters as a Part of Your Marketing

LinkedIn is the most powerful social networking platform for professionals today. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is only becoming more popular as more jobs transition to remote work. As the importance of a presence on LinkedIn becomes more clear, so are the ways to connect with potential audiences.

Luckily, LinkedIn recently rolled out their “Creator Mode” feature to all members. This moves newsletters away from an invite-only system and frees it up to the public (save some easy qualifiers.)